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Miss My Future With You

1. I’ve got too many love songs
running through my veins
But girl when you eat a lot of sugar
you get a bellyache

2. I’ve got a pocket full of letters
but I don’t have any stamps
Plus they haven’t built a post yet
to which my letters could be sent

Chorus 1
I wanna know why
oh why
You’re in my dreams
but in a different place and time

3. They say that time is a healer
But for me time’s a fool
Cause he’s the one who’s standing
between us two

4. And when you have a flower
you don’t force it to bloom
So tell me why a little bit of waiting
makes us wanna give up too soon

Chorus 2
I wanna know how
oh how
How can I take the future with you
And make it now

5. I don’t know you
but do I really know myself?
So c’mon let’s be the two strangers
with the weird things in their shelves

6. No I don’t know you
And I don’t know myself too
The only thing I’m sure of
Is that I miss my
future with you

(lyrics, music: Tereza “Thea” Podzimková)

Too Used

1. No good guy ever existed
That’s just a thought in your head
No one had stayed, you can list it
No one, not even your dad

2. They say that miracles happen
But then they live up to curse
If there is some kind of heaven
Please let me check on it first

Chorus 1
Cause I’m too used to being used
If you bring me flowers
I won’t see the colors
I’ll see you cutting me loose

3. They say that you need to grow up
Before you understand why
But when you grow up, you notice this all
Was just a comforting lie

4. No one has keys to the kingdom
That’s how it always has been
The king has lost all his wisdom
Princess refused to be queen

Chorus 2
Cause she‘s too used to being used
If you bring her flowers
She won’t see the colors
She’ll see you cutting her loose

And she’s never gonna trust again
She’s never gonna love again
And she’s never gonna let you in…

(lyrics, music: Tereza “Thea” Podzimková)


Rivers & Canyons

1. Are you scared to be born
Are you scared to be torn apart
by Life and his companions
by the rivers and the canyons

Let me tell you where I have been
let me lay a shadow
on your skin


2. Are you scared of the heights
Are you scared of the lights goin’ down
Cause that might mean you’re losing
and your shadows will keep on bruisin’

Let me tell you what I’ve been through
let me paint a picture
just for you


3. Are you scared to go through
Are you there just to live up to
The fears of your ancestors
all your brothers and all your sisters

Let me tell you what Life had planned
let me be there for you
til’ the end

And again

(lyrics, music: Tereza “Thea” Podzimková)


1. Why do I have to
give you all the feelings
don’t you see

that I need them
for another man
and I have to breathe 

And it hurts me to go back
through the memories

I have my way
that you’re still crossing…
With your nice smile
and short hair
and brown eyes
And that makes me unprepared
to love somebody else

2. I need an intermission
to slow things down
but I also
desire to be loved

 Please, please
I don’t know how to ask
Is love and hate the same?
And is it worth this song, even to play?

I feel strange
I feel rage
broken faith

But most of all
To love somebody else

(lyrics, music: Tereza “Thea” Podzimková)

Spanish Sun

1. When the morning comes
And you see light
through your fingers
You breathe into your lungs
And the perfect feeling lingers

Chorus 1
The Spanish Sun
What have I done
To deserve you?

Spanish Sun
I want to run
Wherever you do

Spanish Sun

2. When I am far away
my home seems a little closer
As I listen to the waves
and the biggest of composers

Chorus 2
The Spanish Sun
I am not done
With exploring

Spanish Sun
Compares to none
Never gets boring

Spanish Sun
The Spanish Sun

It’s gonna be a wild ride
I can feel the high tide
It’s gonna be a wild ride
I can feel the high tide
It’s gonna be a wild ride

Chorus 3
Oh, Spanish Sun
I come undone
When you caress me

It’s all begun
And I keep wondering
Will the rest be

Like Spanish Sun

(lyrics: Tereza “Thea” Podzimková,
music: Tereza “Thea” Podzimková, Josh Grant)

Through You

1. Why do you think
You are less than me?
When everything I do
Keeps mirroring

2. In your eyes
In your smile
In your pain and all

3. You are my means
For existing
So don’t even think
About quitting

Cause all of the wonders
I could have done
I chose you
My daughter, my son

4. Through you I see
What I couldn’t see
So forgive me for falling
Into a little ecstasy

5. Your life with me
Opened up a fan
With colors, smells, and feelings
Of an ordinary man

You are
You are
You are
Yes, you are
You are
You are

Chorus 2
You are forever
That’s just begun
A million things
But not more than one

And of all of the wonders
I could have done…

I made you
My daughter, my son

Yea, I made you
My daughter, my son

(lyrics: Tereza “Thea” Podzimková,
music: Tereza “Thea” Podzimková,
Josh Grant)

He’s Almighty (gospel)

1. Everybody has the right
to stray sometimes
Everybody has the right
to lose their charms

2. Everybody has the right
to just not know
And anybody can believe
He will not show

But don’t you worry
He’s almighty
Don’t you worry
He is kind

Don’t you worry
He is patient
And he’s right there
by your side

3. And even when you’re
full of anger and despair
And your lips are just not able
to say a prayer

4. And even when your legs
are too weak to walk you home
When your chest is full of fear
and you’re all alone

Then don’t you worry
He’s almighty
Don’t you worry
He is kind

Don’t you worry
He is patient
And he’s right here
by your side

By your side…

(lyrics, music: Tereza “Thea” Podzimková)

Song For My Baby

1. I have met all the gentlemen
from all the corners of the world
but the place where you come from
I have never been to

And I’ve cried all my heart out
wore my heart on my sleeve
But now it’s the first time
I’m feeling a heart beating inside of me

2. You make me wonder
does love have a limit?
Cause it seems like before you
I’ve never been in it

You make me a woman
so gentle and strong
Now I am certain
it is with you I belong


3. Though you’re still a stranger
I’m not afraid
I’ve known you for a lifetime
And I’ll soon know your name

One in a million
Still so special to me
They say you don’t know anything
And yet you’re teaching me
how to breathe

4. You’re teaching me virtues
I would never have known
And you’re showing me those that
I already own

You are the reason
I’ll never get old
You’ll kiss the life for me
when my lips will turn cold


5. Nothing is personal
when it comes to you
If you told me you hated me
I would still see it through

Everything’s personal
when it comes to you
Cause I gave you new life
and my life came through you

6. We named you Christian
like the king of the kings
But baby, just hush now
before your story begins…

(lyrics: Tereza “Thea” Podzimková,
music: Tereza “Thea” Podzimková,
Josh Grant)

Jasmína & Thea – Burn The Sage

1. Are you waking up with fear
waking up with fear?
Christmas carols in your head
is all that you can hear

2. Are getting up with rage
getting up with rage?
Slowly hating everyone
Hurry, burn the sage!


Chorus 1
with no sense of hunger
Bells ring
only when you’re younger

night is too disturbing
Don’t stop
keep the candles burning

Worshiping the prey
instead of a prayer
Blood is on the hands
of another slayer

Holy is the night
when we’re together
Other times we fight
it doesn’t matter

3. Are you out of control yet
out of control yet?
Feeling like you’re burning out
like a cigarette

4. Are you losing patience now
losing patience now?
Dancing all around the square
through the empty crowd 

Chorus 2
I’ll climb
the highest fir-tree
Look down
fairy lights will guide me

Leading the way
to the Bethlehem
I’m not afraid as long as I see them

I don’t need your perfect presents
I need you to give me presence
No more shiny wrapping paper
Wrap me in the arms of my Savior

5. Are you waking up with peace
waking up with peace?
All your worries disappeared
Underneath the trees

(lyrics, music: Tereza “Thea”
Podzimková, Jasmína Tůmová)

Lovers and Liars
(for Meredith Hunter

1. We used to be lovers
Hiding under covers
The whole world was a mirror
Such a sweet reflection

We used to seek colors
But now we’re losing all the meaning
In black and white

2. Disillusion and regret
Twisted everything we said
All the words are torn to shreds

Prechorus 1
Wish we could turn back time
And say it all again
Forget all the lies
We’ve been through

Chorus 1
We’ve changed from lovers to a pair of liars
We’ve lost ourselves in echoes
Thought we both could walk on wire
But we’ve been so wrong

Maybe we’ll smile again
Maybe we can get over it
Maybe it’s just a lesson to be learned

3. We used to be lovers
Dive into each other
We had a million treasures
We’d planned to discover

It used to be summer
But now the only thing we’re feeling
is endless freeze

4. Disillusion makes us mad
Broke everything we ever had
There is almost nothing left

Prechorus 2
If we could turn back time
And do it all again
Forget all the lies
We’ve been through

Chorus 2
We’ve changed from lovers to a pair of liars
We’ve lost ourselves in echoes
Thought we both could walk on wire
But we’ve been so wrong

Maybe it’s time to kill
All that’s been taking over
Maybe we’ll make an Eden out of hell

(lyrics: Tereza Podzimková, Zdeněk
Sonntag, music: Zdeněk Sonntag)

(for Meredith Hunter band)

1. I’m looking back in time
wondering about
the things we missed
I left our dreams behind
forgiveness turns to bliss 

Hope is gone
Don’t you see
The room is empty
faith is lost

All we have
lost in vain
leaving is the remedy

Even though you’re always written in my blood
Even though I’m trapped
in your heart
Even though I’m addicted
to your smile
I’m still afraid 

Open your eyes
now it’s time to save yourself
Oh, we are
once again too close to hell 

Close to hell, yet we’re not breaking
Things to tell but we’re not shaking
Now’s the time to end this aching
No more fear and no more faking

How you’re gonna save the world
If you only talk about it?
If you’re only throwing dirt
all around, and all around 

reap – sow – un – know –
what – we – have – now

crash – is – wai – ting –
let – it – burn – down



(lyrics: Zdeněk Sonntag,
Tereza “Thea” Podzimková,
music: Zdeněk Sonntag)

Bubbly bubbles (kid’s song)

1. Little bit of soapy water
bubble is a little daughter
of a balloon

2. flying high up to the sky
very very very high
to the Moon

3. If you want to see the bubble
you can see it with the Hubble

4. But then when the bubble stops
then the bubble gently pops
„oh no“

5. Then we blow another bubble
then we blow and make it double

Bubbles bubbles everywhere
in the sky and in my hair
bubbles bubbles
have no troubles
flying high up in the air

Bubbles bubbles all around
making bubbly bubbly sound
from my bubble
with no trouble
I can see the world around

6. From a little water drop
soapy water bubbles up
bubbly [bubb-e-ly]

7. Let me tell you how it’s done
bubbles they are super fun
and bubbly

8. Bubbles are like summer flowers
they have many different colors

9. They are flying with no wings
as we run around and sing

Bubbles bubbles everywhere…

(English translation: Tereza “Thea”
Podzimková, Czech original:
Singing Mice Michaela Dúcká)

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