About me

No more cheap clichés.
I’ll write you a song
that has a ring to it!

—Are you searching for the right words?

—Feeling uninspired for melodies?

—Are you a singer/a band in need of new songs?

—Or are you looking for a lifetime musical gift?

I am here to help!
—to write that song
—to finish the lyrics
—to make the music
—to orient yourself in what you want, and much more.


Just check out my Services page, and let’s find the solution together.

Tereza Thea Podzimková is a lyricist and songwriter, helping bands and singers find their words and melodies and turn them into hits.

She co-writes with Czech and international artists and finds joy in tuning into their style and delivering tasty and modern meaningful lyrics. She also dabbles in artistic translation (Czech/English/Danish), copywriting, and proofreading.

As a singer-songwriter, “Thea lyrics” produces her songs and also composes and records gift songs on demand.

When she finally grows up, she wants to be like Sia (or the drummer from Coldplay whom nobody recognized on Game of Thrones—that’s like an introvert’s dream, really!).

Thea comes originally from Prague, Czech Republic, but is currently living in Copenhagen, Denmark.

She has a degree in “Lyrics Writing”, “Arts Management”, and is a certified graduate of the “Vocal Academy” in Complete Vocal Technique.

As a back vocalist, she appeared on the Czech version of “The Voice”, “Pop Idol” etc., and helped bands sparkle up their singles at a recording studio.

“And why Soulful Songwriter? Because I believe that every song has a soul of its own—that’s waiting for us to embody it through sensing and good craftsmanship.”



Arts Management
University of Economics

Lyrics and Screenplay Writing
Jaroslav Jezek’s Conservatory

CVT Singing Technique
The Complete Vocal Institute

My favorite


Songwriting for Meredith Hunter band

Back vocals for The Doves


Gift song for a newlywed couple


Do you have a feeling like there’s a song waiting just for you?
Check out my Services section or write me at: thea@thealyrics.com. I’d love to help.

How do I work?

I like to dig deep and come up with original solutions. Therefore I would like to get to know you and your motivations first — so that together we can create the result you’re dreaming of.

For the creative process to be successful, one has to feel safe. That’s why I work with clients who appreciate quality, mutual trust, and openness.

In the beginning was the Word, in the end…
Could be lyrics for your new song!