“A great song is composed of two things:
emotion and craftsmanship.
I’ve got both.
Let’s write great songs together!”

Apart from being a singer and songwriter myself, I work with bands and singers, helping them find their own voice through lyrics and creative coaching.

Co-writing and teaching are powerful tools to pass on everything I’ve learned about music so far, and it also makes me grow and get better.

I don’t believe that songs and lyrics are created randomly—the ideas are already there, floating in the air, waiting for us to capture them.

Did you know that some famous musicians ‘heard’ their biggest hits and melodies while dreaming, and then just wrote them down after they woke up?
It often requires experience, craftsmanship, and patience, mixed with intuition and a creative mind—I have developed all that over more than 15 years of working with music and lyrics.

I know how it feels when the right idea is slipping through your fingers… But don’t worry, that’s why I’m here! We can brainstorm together and I’ll help your songs to be born into this world.

~ Your Soulful Songwriter, Thea

I’ll blend in

with your style

and help bring

your artwork

to perfection.



“Working with Thea was such a joy. It’s incredible how delicately she captured and ‘translated’ the feeling to English, while still maintaining the original rhytm, melody, and preserving the meaning of what we wanted to say.”
– lyrics to multiple songs

Zdenek Sonntag, Meredith Hunter band

I was struggling with writing lyrics, sometimes even with finding what the song should be about, but Thea helped me find the words for what I have inside of me. She has a very individual approach, we have become friends and that helps with making our cooperation better. She is very enthusiastic, engaged, focused and professional 😊
– cooperation on lyrics and a conceptual concert

Almadera, singer

I have been working with Thea for a long time because I am extremely satisfied with her writing skills. She only submits quality work and is reliable. She’s helped me create successful charity collections (Tour de France in the dark, 600 km run for the blind), books, e-books, and a film documentary. When I needed her to quickly deliver or correct texts for my new website, I knew she could be relied on to meet the deadlines.”
– copywriting, translation, creative concepts

Ondrej Zmeskal, blind professional athlete

“Super, really nice lyrics! Plus you sent a recording, which made it 100 % easier to sing. The song was a huge success, with both the recipient and the guests. Thank you big time! I will certainly use your services again.”
– gift song

Marketa Mouritsen